Tips for Diy Fireplace Mantel Ideas

DIY Electric Fireplace Mantel
DIY Fireplace Mantel Shelf PlansDIY Fireplace Mantel SurroundDIY Mantel for Electric FireplaceDIY Rustic Fireplace Mantel

Diy fireplace mantel will not only bring a lot of positive emotions, but also provide a unique opportunity to realize the dream of the most beautiful fireside in reality. Designed according to the rules the fireplace would you give the feel of warmth and coziness. To diy fireplace mantel designsis your opportunity to experiment and implement original ideas to life! According to your plans, financial opportunities you should choose materials for facing the fireplace. Diy rustic fireplace […]

White Stone Fireplace Tips and Tricks

White Painted Stone Fireplace
White Stone Tile FireplaceStone Fireplace with White MantleWhite Stacked Stone FireplaceStone Fireplace White Mantle

White stone fireplace is a kind of mantelpieces that is made in another design. It is quite special and looks really great. These can suit for any kind of interior, because this color really goes with any other hues of interior. But how are they made? There are many variants. For the first variant you need to buy special stones on order to make these white-stoned decorations around your mantelpiece. And the second variant: you […]

Best Stone Veneer Fireplace Ideas

Stacked Stone Veneer Fireplace
Fireplace Stone Veneer InstallationStone Veneer Around FireplaceStone Veneer Fireplace DesignFireplace with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer fireplace is something that gives you an opportunity to have a rest after a long working day in front of a blazing hearth. And nowadays there many kinds of fireplaces with stone veneer. If there are some thought that in order to achieve such look you need to have the real stone, you are mistaken. There are some slaked kinds of them or even there are special panels for the stone fireplaces. And […]

Everybody Happy with Stone Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Stone Electric Fireplace
Stone Front Electric FireplaceWhite Stone Electric FireplaceStone Corner Electric FireplaceElectric Fireplace with Stone Mantel

Stone electric fireplace is a kind of mantelpiece where the heat originates with the help of electricity. You are able only to plug them in and they will work. The advantages of such mantelpieces are that they don’t require any chimneys, sometimes they can be transportable, you don’t need to install them, they are consider to be safer, and they don’t need the maintenance of firewood. They are really good, especially if your flat or […]

Original Stack Stone Fireplace

Stack Stone for Fireplace
Stack Stone Fireplace PicturesStack Stone Fireplace MantelsStack Stone Fireplace ImagesStack Stone Fireplace Kits

Stack stone fireplace is a kind of the design among fireplaces that become very fashion during the last time. By the way, techniques of stone construction have been used since at least 4,000 B.C. for many centuries in ancient countries. It was extremely popular to tile mantelpieces and created a great look that has a practical usage at the same time. Among the things that is required for making such kind of decor is stack […]

Top Outdoor Stone Freplace Design

Outdoor Stone Fireplace Pictures
DIY Outdoor Stone FireplaceOutdoor Stone Fireplace DesignsOutdoor Stone Fireplace KitsStone Fireplace Kits Outdoor

An outdoor stone fireplace is considered to be an architectural kind of  furniture and  can be made not only of stone, but of brick or metal. Initially they have been designed to content and safe a fire for cooking and heating water. But nowadays they are used for relaxing purpose or in order to heat the room or apartment. By the way contemporary fireplaces have the function of fixing the power of heating. Nowadays the designs of outdoor stone […]

Limestone Fireplace Surround Original and Creative

Limestone Fireplace Surrounds for Wood Burners
Marble and Limestone Surrounds StovesMarble and Limestone Surrounds Electric FiresMarble and Limestone Surrounds FireplacesLimestone Fireplace Surrounds for Wood Burners

Limestone fireplace surround is another kind of surrounding which is used with the purpose of adorning the place around the mantelpiece. This kind of mantelpiece surround requires a special care in order to keep in clean because the color of the limestone is white. By the way limestone is considered to be an appropriate material for building mantelpieces, but at the same time is soft and has many spores. So using common cleaning sprays can […]

How to Build a Fireplace Surround Easy and Right

How to Build a Fireplace Surround and Mantel
How to Build a Fireplace Mantel and SurroundHow to Build a Fireplace Mantel SurroundHow to Build a Corner Fireplace SurroundHow to Build a Corner Fireplace Mantel and Surround

A lot of people who have already had a mantelpiece asking question on how to décor it and particularly on how to build a fireplace surround. Well, a mantelpiece surround is a place around the fireplace which mostly performs the function of adorning or decoration as well as can be used for particular goals. For instance, if you have a wooden house this surround can be like a safe surface which can prevent your house […]

Top Metal Fireplace Surround Ideas

Metal Fireplace Surround Paint
Custom Metal Fireplace SurroundsMeta Fireplace Surround KitBlack Metal Fireplace SurroundAntique Metal Fireplace Surround

Today mantel piece surround can be made from different materials as well as using different extra elements and decorations, but one of the most practical is metal fireplace surround.  Definitely the variations of them are really big. People can buy as new and modern as very old. For instance, some people value old things and prefer to buy them, so they would like to buy antique metal fireplace surround. Usually this kind of surrounds have […]

Some Kinds of Granite Fireplace Surround

Black Granite Fireplace Surround
Granite Fireplace Surround KitsGranite Fireplace Surround PicturesGranite Fireplace Surround IdeasHow to Install Granite Fireplace Surround

Granite fireplace surround is one of the different other kinds of surrounds, which is totally made from granite. This material is considered to be firm and that is why the surrounding is quite durable. A fireplace is the main point of any house or flat, so it is very important to pay a lot of attention to the mantelpiece. On the internet there are a lot of granite fireplace surround ideas from which people can […]

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