How to DIY Fireplace Surround Here

DIY Electric Fireplace Surround

Diy fireplace surroundit is very important to take into consideration – properly to select a location for a home and not drown it with other home furnishings.

Diy fireplace mantel and surroundyou should take notice that it must integrate harmoniously with the design direction of the housing and fit the size of available space.

DIY Electric Fireplace Surround

Diy fireplace surround ideas in classic style you should remember that in finishing, in priority to use only high-quality materials, which eloquently proclaim their high cost: marble, granite, tiles, Venetian plaster and natural wood.

If the design of the room with a fire is made in one of the luxurious areas like: Baroque, Rococo, Empire, the decor should be issued in the palace style. Aslo, diy fireplace mantel surroundare welcome original forms and rich massive decorations, stucco, decorated with gold leaf.

For rooms that decorated in a minimalist, elegant design, decorated with light coats, will be fit a cozy fire. Underline the modern interiors with the help of bio fire, issued the ceramic furnace with decorative stones instead of wood. High-tech in everything must demonstrate manufacturability, so for this area more suitable and stylish will be electric fire with the effect of living flame. Not less successful in this style will be the model that blends biofuel, including unusual pendant objects.

DIY Fireplace Surround Ideas

By creating a design, it is important to remember the sense of proportion. Special care is required mirror – a hundred times to consider before hanging the mirror over the fireplace or in front of him. In the great hall of a home can be installed almost anywhere: a wall, in a corner or in the middle of the room, making it a panoramic. Small oneĀ in the spacious living room will be looked ridiculous, so the preference should be given to build massive structures or in a large room separate fireplace area, visually separating it from the rest of the space.

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