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Whitewash Brick Fireplace Ideas

Whitewashing Brick Fireplace Surround

The process of making a whitewash brick fireplace is not complicated at all but there are a few moments that every person who is going to whitewash a fire spot must know.

When you made a decision to whitewash a brick fireplace, the first step you have to take is wiping off all the dirty pieces, old soot that remained on the blocks and all the spider webs and the dust. In the fireplaces you may always see plenty of such dirt. Of course, you also may use the soap, water and a rag to clean a fire spot more thoroughly and use a brush with a wire to get smoother bricks. Then you have to create a mixture of water and a chosen paint and one of the most popular tints for the whitewash is eggshell but you may select whatever tint you like. You have to keep in mind that bricks may change the colour of the dye, so first you had better make a test painting to see how it may look. So when applying the whitewash on the blocks of the fire spot you should use a special sprayer, a roller or a brush.

Whitewash Red Brick Fireplace

But you must know that this type of painting has a very fluid or watery consistency. So have a rag to wipe off all unnecessary stains and flows. And don’t pour too much water into the dye as it may get too runny. Later wait until the bricks get dried and see what you have now. If you are satisfied with the looks, you finished the process. You may look at the whitewash brick fireplace pictures online to study the variants of designs and you may also study the articles – how to whitewash a brick fireplace.

If you have much experience in this process, just enjoy the result of your work and a new look of your chimney place.

Whitewashing Brick Fireplace Surround

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